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New Believer's Program
*Launch TBD - Stay Tuned*

12 week program designed to provide those new to the Christian Faith, the Bible or both with a foundational understanding of Scripture, basic doctrines, sacraments, practices and how to live out the Faith.

Our intention is to offer this course via online/self-study as a combination of video lectures and online exercises. 

Ministry Preparation Program
*Expected Launch September 2020*

  • 6 month program designed to build upon fundamentals learned in the New Believer’s Program (or similar). This program functions as a bridge to the Ministry Training Program; by providing greater depth of content and academic skills. 

  • This program is intended for those with a basic knowledge of Scripture, who may not have read the Bible in its entirety but feel compelled to serve in a greater capacity and includes:

    • Survey of both Old and New Testaments (with video lectures)​

    • Studying the Bible

    • Doctrinal studies

    • Basic research methods

Ministry Training Program
*Expected Launch January 2020*

  • Designed for licensure candidates, those just beginning in ministry and those actively serving in ministry who desire to enhance practical skills. This program is designed to push learners and develop critical skills fast.
  • Divided into 4 parts in 12 week segments (described below)

  • Training curriculum centered around 360 degree care of a fellowship including:

    • Leadership foundations
    • Relationship dynamics

    • Motivation and personality

    • Lesson development

Parts I and II (Licensure Track) – covers essential components of practical ministry and is designed to lead to licensure with our

Parts III and IV (Ordination Track) – cover more advanced spiritual topics and foundational leadership principles and is intended to follow parts I and II.

Additional Information – During parts I and III, students will read the entire Bible in 90 days. During parts II and IV,. students will participate in a ministry practicum (serve/intern in a local assembly in a volunteer capacity upon approval of Shield of Victory International). We further strongly recommend (but do not currently require) that students enrolled in the Ministry Training Program work through a course in Biblical Hebrew (details provided for the program at enrollment).

Advanced Leadership Program
*Expected Launch August 2020*

  • Accelerated, 24 week program

  • Designed for experienced servants and those actively working in ministry who seek to develop next-level leadership skills.

  • Training curriculum centered around 360 degree care of a fellowship including:

    • Leadership dynamics

    • Marriage and family

    • Collaborative leadership

    • Coaching/mentoring

    • Preparing others for leadership

    • Administration and logistics

Concept of mentoring. Transparent ball with inscription mentoring in a hand

Continuing Education & Training
*Launch TBD*

  • Varied courses and topics geared toward a wide range of audiences

  • Some courses and seminars assume prior knowledge or may have specific prerequisites. Others may be offered through third party vendors.

  • Training offerings include but are not limited to:

    • Financial wellness and freedom

    • Marriage and family

    • Endtime prophecy and events (eschatology)

    • Spiritual warfare