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See the Vision - Do the Work
Ministry and Leadership Training (coming soon)

Get trained for ministry

Whether you are new to the faith, just trying to figure out where to start or a seasoned minister seeking continuing education options, we have programs that may meet your needs.

All programs are offered at no cost other than the materials and resources needed to complete them.

Licensure and Ordination (coming soon)

Become Licensed or Ordained

We strongly  believe ministry is intended for those whom God calls. While ultimately, serving extends to all believers, performing certain functions frequently requires organizational affiliation/oversight (ministerial credentials).

We offer mentoring for new ministers, ongoing collaboration for those with more experience and ecclesiastical accountability for all members.

Become an Affiliate

We offer the opportunity for churches and ministries to become affiliates of Shield of Victory International.

Affiliation affords churches and ministries actively engaging the community a base from which to collaborate with one another and expand impact.

Shield of Victory International exists to advance the Kingdom of God by the preaching the Word tirelessly, extending the love of God to all though action – not just words and training leaders to do the same. This organization teaches, trains and prepares ministers (servants) to influence communities by engaging individuals in a way that is authentic to, and consistent with, the methods and teachings of Jesus the Messiah. Shield of Victory International also provides ministerial credentialing to new and experienced workers of all types.